Board of directors

Miki Bar
chairmanof the board

Tsippi Samet

Board member

Zamir Eldar

Chanoch Samet
Founder & CTO

Miki Bar has graduated from the Israeli Military Aviation Academy as a pilot and acquired 27 years of experience at the Israeli Air Force. Mr. Bar has also received Awards of Excellency at times of war. 

During 2007- 2017 he served as Special advisor to the CEO of Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. 

Nowadays, Miki Bar is managing several national and international projects from diverse industries and deeply involved in Israel’s economy and business life. 

Miki Bar holds M.A at National Security Graduate Degree from Haifa University and an Economics degree from Jerusalem University.

Tsippi SAMET served as the head of the Capital Market, Insurance and Savings department of the Israeli Finance Ministry. She has also served as vice supervisor of banks for the Bank of Israel, and as a director of Discount bank for Menorha Mivtachim insurance companies. Tsippi SAMET currently serves as a Board Director at Bank Leumi (one of Israel’s top 3 banks) and the Africa-Israel Company.

Tsippi SAMET holds an MBA and a Masters in Economics from the Hebrew University.

Zamir Eldar has previously served as the president and CEO of ICTS Europe Holding BV.

zamir Eldar serves as a professional business advisor to multinational corporations, especially with regard to innovation, integration of new technologies and business development. 

Zamir Eldar is graduated from Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Agriculture Economics and holds an MBA and masters in Economics from the University of Paris II, Sorbonne.

Tsippi Samet

Board memeber

Founder and CTO of Bioplasmar and a member of the board of directors, Chanoch Samet is passionate about earth preservation and actively environmentally conscious.

The belief of ‘green your life' has led him to search how to influence consumers to change their lifestyle and consumption habits.
Chanoch Samet has dedicated three years for the research and development to replace plastic by transforming organic waste into a newly eco-friendly products.

Israel Kuperman
Board member

Shlomo Cohen
Board member

Dotan Geva
Board member

Israel Kuperman has served for more than 30 years in various executive managerial positions in the Israeli Hi-Tech industry. 
He was a part of the first group of investors in Mobileye (an Israeli technology company that develops vision-based advanced driver assistance systems), that became a world key player in its field of expertise and been acquired by intel in 2017. 
Israel Kuperman is currently serving as a co-director in a real estate corporation and invests in various start-up companies. 
He is graduated from Ben Gurion University, BSC and has MBA from Haifa University.

Shlomo Cohen has joined Bioplasmar as shareholder soon after its foundation, and has since been actively involved in its progress and development. Shlomo COHEN earned his Medical Doctor degree from Hadassah Medical School and works as an urgent care physician. In addition, he received his PhD in philosophy summa cum laude from Hebrew University and works as a philosophy professor at the department of philosophy at Ben-Gurion University.

Dotan GEVA is a Managing partner Milpol Ltd, print cylinders manufacturers. 

He has volunteered as a Business Mentor in Paamonim Organization. He has assisted, guides and supported families to develop and implement an economic recovery plan.
During 2003-3006 he has participated in LEAD organization, a Young leadership program.
Dotan GEVA has a B.A in economics and management from Ben Gurion University.

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