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New pot trials

Since 2019, Bioplasmar undertook vaste R&D program to improve pots resistance during culture in nurseries.

The first tests demonstrates very encouraging results as shown in trials conducting in march this year in Israel at the Shtil Neto nursery :

All other tests conducting in France are showing the same results

4 march 2019


Pots were filled with peat and cutting herbal plants

17 march 2019


Seedling deloped in a normal manner and the pot structure did'nt change.

26 march 2019


The pots were planted in a 10 liters pot whith peat and buried in a sandy soil.

31 march 2019


The pots in peat soil were in advance stage of degradation...

31 march 2019


Pots in sandy soil started degradation.

Pots not planted remain rigid.