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The biodegradable pot

Billions of plastic pots are disposed yearly causing a massive waste problem. In addition, the manufacturing and usage of plastic pots provides little benefit for the plant growth.

The Bioplasmar solution

To this end, BioPlasmar has developed a biodegradable pot that can be placed directly into the soil. It will disintegrate within weeks after planting, providing additional nutrition for the plant itself. It will not decompose in open air and can be safely watered. 

The biodegradable pot can simply be planted directly into the soil, together with the plant. The pot will biodegrade at a predetermined rate and will concomitantly nourish the plant through its decomposition. 

Further, the organic pot enhances the chance for the seedling’s survival in the foreign soil, preventing “transplanting" shock which happens when transferring the plant from a plastic pot to the soil.
Preliminary tests have already shown a 100% success rate of development after planting eliminating depreciation.
In addition, using biodegradable pots shortens growing cycle times in nurseries by up to one quarter, saving significant energy and water usage. It also facilitates the handling of massive planting operations, reducing manpower handling time, and eliminating the need for disposal or recycling of the plastic pots.


By using Bioplasmar’s Biodegradale pot you contribute to and actively participate in the preservation of our planet, bringing natural, renewable green waste back into the soil.

How does it works ?

Pot racines.jpg
Pot racines2.jpg

The pot is planted
directly in the soil
protecting the roots

The pot degrades within weeks while nourishing the plant

After 8 weeks, the pot has completely degrade in the soil

Watch the experimentation
with the municipality of Paris

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