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Privately owned company, founded in 2011 focusing on research and development for organic, sustainable alternatives to various existing products that fit the ’Cradle to Cradle’ vision.

Bioplasmar's  technology provides an innovative method for processing large amounts of organic waste into biodegradable material that is used for production of high quality, fully biodegradable products serving the agriculture market, the packaging market and the agri-food market, being environmentally friendly.

​A large percentage of our waste is not reused and must be disposed at a considerable price. Massive worldwide carbon depletion of the soil encourages the ‘cradle to cradle’ design approach, of reintroducing such nutrient rich organic materials back to the earth.
Bioplasmar’s business model embodies the lifecycle approach, turning material that would have been a financial liability, into a profitable and valuable eco-friendly product.



Bioplasmar has developed expertise and exclusive know-how in the field of green waste transformation and organic coatings, both with regard to ingredients and procedures. 

This know-how introduces an innovative mechanism which enables Bioplasmar to control the biodegradation  rate to slowly release the fertilisers in the case of the Bio&Pot, or different materials for other products. This know-how enables us to use different kinds of green organic agricultural waste in order to convert them into various products. 



Bioplasmar materials are all biodegradable in the soil and can be easily manipulated in the course of production to accommodate specific requirements.

In the past 5 years, Bioplasmar has invested a considerable effort in the development of a new low energy process for transforming agriculture and industrial waste into valuable products.
Through this method, the organic waste degrades safely into the soil via a controlled process. These efforts have allowed the company to find the means to produce its line of products, which bring considerable advantages to the end users. 

Taking this waste source together with adhesives and additives, mixing them together and then shaping them through a press device, allows us to produce different products using the same technique with only minor changes.
Later, the product goes through a coating process, which enables to control the biodegradation rate in the soil. 

These days the company is dedicated to establishing manufacturing centers that are geographically close to waste sites.


Intellectual property

The company owns several patents and patents pending both on material composition and on their unique applications.

In The patent applications filed, BioPlasmar provide broad coverage for two main and crucial aspects:
(1) The product composition - the materials, process of making and utilizing the product
(2) The product coating - the mechanism that controls the biodegradability rate, which is an essential component for the product’s integrity.

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